Poll: Which Bubble Gum do you prefer
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View poll results: Which Bubble Gum do you prefer
14 34%
Bubble Yum
6 15%
Double Bubble
4 10%
Big League Chew
17 41%
Voters: 41.
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Big League Chew.
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big league is the best in that list other than thats its 5 gum...
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Big League Chew was awesome when I used to play in little league. In fact, if I could find it, I would still chew it.

Now, I've grown up and use stuff like '5' gum.
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watermelon bubbalicious.
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The zebra gum with the tattoos on the wrappers.

Yes I love that gum, but the sweet zebra tats are what sells the gum. Only if they were llama tattoos...............................
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The zebra gum with the tattoos on the wrappers.

Yessssss memories.
That stuff is the best, but it literally loses flavor in 10 minutes. Stride is one my favorites.
This poll is not complete without Zebra gum. TS fails

Edit: Yes, my only gripe is that the flavor doesn't last.

But that's why there are 17 pieces in each pack!
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blowing bubbles with chewing gum sucks... that's why they made bubble gum... to blow bubbles...

Only bitches blow bubble gum bubbles like Dixie Kong.
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chewing gum =/= bubble gum

I can blow bubbles with Orbit. Small bubbles, but bubbles nonetheless.

Motion carries: Orbit is bubble gum.

5 gum FTW!
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None. I want to be out of bubblegum so that I can get directly to kicking ass.

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Big League Chew was pretty good the one time I tried it.
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Bubble Tape > All

You wanna play that game, huh? I see your Bubble Tape, and raise you a Bubble Jug!

yea i don't count chewing gum as bubble gum. so like big red and others are like not an option sorry. however there are other types of bubble gum i just put the ones that came to mind first.