Ok, I'm thinking of buying an Epiphone G-400 vintage because I love it. Not sure about the pickups though. I was thinking of swapping 'em out later. The thing I need to know is which pickups are the best for me? I play mostly Rock N' Roll like Guns N' Roses, ACDC, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, you know, the good stuff. I am incredibly influenced by both Slash and Jimi's style of playing. I need to know which are the best for my taste in music. EMG's are already out of the question. I hate those things. I was thinking maybe the Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded humbucker set.
u h8 emg's? what's wrong w/you?
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number one:
Awesome. EMGs suck.

Seymore Duncans are usually a good way to go.
I would suggest checking the Dimarzio website and using their 'Pickup chooser' thing, whatever the **** it's called. It usually comes up with, at least, a couple good suggestions.

Research before giving or taking advice.

You can't just say Seymour Duncan, that's a brand not a model.

You haven't given any information on your amp, which would help alot.
Slash uses a Seymour Duncan Alcino 2, Jimi uses single coils so they're pretty much outta the question.
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Quote by scearus
They suck ass clean.

You've never played an EMG 81 have you?
1. We need to know what amp you're using before we can help.

2. You need to be able to describe exactly what you don't like about the pickups (too bright, not bright enough, more harmonics etc) so we know what sort of tone you're after, which you can't really do if you don't own the guitar yet.
The stock pickups that guitar are actually quite good. In fact, they are every bit as good as any gibson brand PAF style pickup. So... If you get the guitar then just going with some other run of the mill PAF isn't going to work. There will be specific things you need to look for BUT for us to tell you want to look for we need to know what madbob already asked. What amp are you using, and what don't you like about your tone.
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I'm using an ancient Dean Markley (they don't make amps anymore) 55-watt tube amp. It's pretty good, but it makes an unbearable buzzing that I can't fix. I have played the guitar at Guitar Center and heard the tones. I think that they are not bright enough for me. Now I know it have Gibson Humbuckers in it, but I'm not a big fan of warm and bassy pickups. I would also like some pickups that could range from Metallica to Smashing Pumpkins. In distortion output, I mean.
Try blackouts they sound so much better than EMG's tighter distortion and better cleans.

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