Well today I just bought my first Stratocaster. A sunburst American Standard. I love everything about the guitar except the single coil pickups. I'm used to EMG 81s and 85s but I don't like playing only metal anymore so I needed a big change in my guitar selection, but this whole single coil thing is a bit too much of a difference for me at the moment. I'd like to have a very versatile guitar that can do pretty much everything. I'm thinking I'll drop some Seymour Duncan rails in it. Hot Rails in the bridge, Vintage Rails in the middle and Cool Rails in the neck. Problem is I work at a music store and all of the Seymour Duncans that we stock are black. I'm cheap so I'd like to buy it all from the store. Can someone post some pictures of sunburst strats with black pickups? I'd like to see what it looks like with a white pickguard, a black pickguard and a tortoiseshell pickguard.
Black pups and knobs on a sunburst will look best on black. Tortoiseshell will look off and white, IMO, doesn't look that good on sunburst finishes.
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I'm sure you'll find something.
And by the way, why would you play EMGs?
Oh, and one more thing: a great, versatile pickup setup is HSS. you could drop a JBJr or a Lil' Screamin' Demon in to the bridge position, and it'll sound great. I freakin' love my Johnson Strat with the Screamin' Demon in it.
And Single Coils are great when you're used to them, but I'll admit, I don't like having one in the bridge position. not my thing.