So I'm thinking about getting the big muff.

160 AUD brand new, but I'm thinking about ebay. My mate got one about a month ago, said it's great, but I wanted more opinions. I want that real thick fuzz sound. Example would be a fair amount of Muse. I play through a dsl100 and a les paul.

Any help here? Any other pedal suggestions would be great too.
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i just got the boss mt-2 metal zone pedal today. i got the adapter for it but how do i know if its charging?
i was at a guitar center about a week ago and i originally went to get a big muff. i tried it out and it was really nice, but after playing it next to the mini muff, i actually found the latter better. it fits far easier on a pedal board, and it seemed to sound much better, imo. plus being $10 USD cheaper than the big muff, thats always a plus.
try as many different muffs as you can, they all sound different. even model to model can have a very different sound. make sure the one u play is the one u buy
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