I've been playing guitar for 4 months now. I was learning on a Sierra acoustic SD33 (Retail $330, street $250). I have gotten to the point where I hear no buzzing except on a few select barre chords, but for the most part I'm very accurate with it. On the guitar I use D'Addario EXP Light. The action from the factory was set to what I would consider to be "low". I'm very very comfortable the way that guitar is set up.

I have been in the market for an electric acoustic with a cutaway. I finally decided on the Taylor 110CE. The sound is incredible and it was an upgrade in that department, no doubt.

Here's the problem. I'm horrible on the Taylor. Everything buzzes and when it buzzes it's louder cuz, well, the guitar is louder. And barre chords? I went from ringing strings to muting them. How can I go from being awesome to being crappy and i'm on a "better" guitar? The sound on this guitar is so beautiful especially for fingerpicking.

The action from the Taylor factory is higher than my Sierra acoustic. I tried to measure but I don't have anything too accurate... however, i estimate the difference being 1/16-1/32" at the 12th fret, low E. The stock strings on the Taylor are medium gauged Elixer's. I called Taylor (no hold time from customer service) and the gentlemen told me there would be no problem putting light strings on the 110CE. He also said that it would naturally lower the action. The salesman who sold me the guitar told me he would lower the action for free.

I'm confused. Am I bad on the so called "better" guitar because of the action, the strings, or something completely different?
Probably a combination of the action and strings. I always play with mediums now, but when I switched from light to medium it was a BITCH to play for a while. I was so sloppy, but my fingers got stronger again. Higher action also makes it harder to get a clean sound out of the guitar if your hands aren't strong
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Is the neck a different shape?
I find It takes me a bit to acclimate to different shaped necks.
The scale length is exactly the same... the neck feels the same as well. I am going to put light strings on when my new bridge pins come in and see if that helps.