Hey guys, I joined about a week or so.
I'm a noob!

My name is Ron.
I is lefty
I is bassist
I is lefty bassist lol

I started over the summer, I got a rogue bass it's pretty decent.
I named my bass "Sanosuke" SA--NO-C-K
yes it means "from the left help"
so it makes sense
I'm basically in a band with a few of my friends!
I can't wait to start writing und stuff.

lets see I like all kinds of rock. Classic Rock, Metal and alternative.

but mainly I like Japanese Rock!
AKFG FTW!!!!! ^ ^

i study japanese and I have hopes to make a j-rock band someday lol!
if anyone else likes j-rock thats cool

but I need friends and people to talk to me

so Whats up and nice to meet you
Nice to meet you person I already know. lol
“I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming”

I will prove you wrong.
Quote by K!!LsWiTcH
your lefty AND play bass?! you might as well just call life quits now

yay tried that but it didn't workout....
so I'm here I guess

I Ron

No i'm not japanese or a weobu lol