Alright so I was parking my car and ****ed up and got it way too far to the right side on the curb (I was almost on it) so I turned it off, opened the door, and adjusted the turned the wheel so that the tires were straight out so I could back out (so I was turning the tires while the car was off). Then I got back in, and try to turn the car on, the key won't even turn and the wheel is locked shut. It's a 93 Toyota Camry. Is this some sort of antitheft thing I triggered or what (by turning the wheel without the car being on)???

You should only be able to move the wheel a little in either direction...move it one way, usually I turn mine to the right, and while it still as far right as you can put it (or a little less than all the way to the right) then turn the key...it should start right away
either turn the wheel a little left or right and try turning it and if that doesnt work pull the key out slightly like a hair or try a combo of both and make sure its in park
yeah you can move it a little in 1 direction and turn the key it is just a little bit but move the wheel back and forth slowly until it will let you turn the key
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