Im looking for a tube amp under $1,000 that i can play punk rock like blink-182 to rock like metallica. Im also looking for something with a clean tone, and loud enough for gigging. I have an ESP Viper 100 with nothing added to it.

any help is appreciated!
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Any budget?

Epiphone G400
Marshall JCM 800 4211 Combo
Karmer Forum III
Schecter Stiletto Deluxe 5
Holden Graphic something bass amp? (eh it's 300 watts!)
Some sort of 1x15 cab.
I couldnt find it on musiciansfriend.com, and i dont have any guitar shops in my town..what website would you prefer?
Which would you prefer if i play more rock that sounds like three days grace or breaking benjamin?
I'm pretty sure he's an american, and neither of those two amps suit him at all.

b52 at-100 stack or at212/112 combo
Used mesas (fseries, dc, rectos)
used jcm800s (combo or head then buy a cab)
Traynor ycv50blue/ycv80/ycv(smaller) if you want cheaper
Peavey jsx or xxx (new or used-can't recall price)
Carvin (tube)-anything but the vintage-(plus, they're on sale now).
Dsl-401-go cheap used
Bugera-so-so track record, but cheaper copies of jsx/5150,xxx.