15-18 yr old drummer needed for metal band 'For the Fallen Hero'. We are situated north side of Brisbane. Must have some means of transport and appropriate gear. We take influences from the following bands:

I Killed the Prom Queen,
Beneath The Sky,
All Shall Perish,
Bring Me The Horizon,
Eternal Lord,
Dark Tranquillity,
Turns to Ashes

We are also working on a demo.

If you are a drummer and think this band is for you, PM me and I'll give further details.

Band MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/forthefallenhero
Gear: MBOX 2 w/ Pro Tools LE 8, Yamaha PSR-275 Keyboard, Apple iMac, Rode M1 Dynamic Mic, Legacy Axis 6 Studio Condenser Mic, Peavey Studio Pro 112, JTS NX-2 Kick Drum Mic, Ibanez SAS36FM, Greg Bennett Fairlane Bass, Squier Bullet Strat.