Is the vypyr any good for modern rock... and some blues?

Also how loud can the vypyr 30 get? Is it enough for a small gig (talking about maybe place of 50 people) or would 75 be better?
Ya i read about the "What amplifier do I need?"

but i'm confused as to the vypyr being a hybrid? or a tube amp?
The vypyr is a more modern-voiced amp. Great for that. The clean channels are nice too, esp. on the clean amp models. I just messed with mine a bit and i think it'd be fine for blues.

EDIT: For whatever retarded reason, the Vypyr is on GC's website as a hybrid amp. The normal vypyr line is solid state. They do have a Vypyr Tube series but im not sure if they're out yet and the cheapest one is $450.
Thanks thats exactly what i needed to know! the "transtube" technology that they boast confused meh... anywho i guess i'll be going for the 75 then
I can't wait to find out what the 60w vypyr sounds like.
GC should be geting them in a few days.
I stay up all night practicing.

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Yeah... If by 50 people, you mean like medium-large coffee house sized, the 30 is plenty. If you have a drummer and you're outside, yeah, I'd probably bump to 75 just for the headroom...

On my 30, I use guitar at 3.5, amp at 2 for in practice in my house, and it goes to 13. It's freaking loud as HELL turned up.

On the SQ question, I love mine.

Only because I already had it uploaded in another thread, here's a pic of mine for a size reference. Great amp, sounds fantastic. Ignore the crappy positioning/background crap:
Thanks justin thats a nice pic... i think i'm sold on the peavey 75... i was gonna get the vox ad50, but i think the vypyr may suite me better (i hope).

I've read people having issues with them, which kinda makes me worry.