Having just bought an acoustic last week, I'm having trouble with these 2 chords.
I don't have the largest fingers in the world but there just doesn't appear to be
enough room for all my fingers on the A chord. I'm already considering learning songs
that don't have the A chord...which isn't a good thing.

Also, with the C chord, struggling with the 3rd finger placemement and was wondering if through time, your fingers just adjust/stretch into position more naturally? Is it just a case of practice practice and practice?


youl get it in time man with the c just practice, the a you can play with 3 fingers or just bar it with 1, 3 fingers will work on the proper angle too man, i hear you on the space thing but just keep trying, once you get these go master the F chord, that ones a bitch, but once you get it you can move that shape down the neck and play all of the open chords
play the a chord with fingers 2,3 and 4 instead of 1,2 and 3 if you have done that until now, maybe thatll give you enough room
Hi BW,
This is the case with every beginner and something I experienced some 3 years ago. Regarding the C chord, it is a case of practice, in three months time this will be very easy. For the open A chord, as stated above you could try barring it with your first or second finger but is normally difficult to let the high e string ring although this also comes in time. Another thing you can try, is to zig zag your fingers instead of playing them in a straight line, this usually helps with the space thing. You can actually stretch your fingers over several frets after a while which at first seems impossible but keep practising.
Hope this helps!
try the "zig-zagged" a chord mentioned above

3rd finger on 2nd string
1st finger on 3rd string
2nd finger on 4th string
Just practice - it takes everyone 3 minutes to change between chords when they start our - anyone who says otherwise is lying. Don't worry about speed at all, just focus on fretting the notes accurately and getting them to ring out cleanly. The more used your hands get to the guitar and what you're asking them do do and the stronger your fingers get the better you'll get at it.
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You can use 3 fingers in a triangular shape to fret an open A.

Anyway, whatever you find comfy for you and practices is needed. What's important is how you prepare for the next chord by the way of fingering the current chord.
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