The Fog

Fog now.
Trapped in a mist of obscurity.
Blackness streaks the
Already darkened sky.
Trapped in a lonely cell,
Where only I hold they key.

I am the one you hate.
I am the one that runs you in circles,
In and out of life's patterns.
Self destruction is my favorite game.
I crave it.
I laugh in your face
As I destroy your ambitions,
Your goals,
Your achievments.
You will never succeed when I am in the way.
No, you have to stop me first.
But can you?
Can you really stop me?

Temptation now.
Nirvana right before my eyes,
In an easy to consume form.
Only I hold the key.
Go ahead and put the pressure on.
If only you would realize
That you're manning the pressure gauge.
Blow it again,
Rely on me one more time.
Don't think you can escape,
Without leaving me for another.
You're just running back to me in disguise.

Light now.
Happiness consumes me.
But is this really what you'd call happy?
I make my way through the fog
And unlock my cell.
Welcome back.
I knew you'd return.

In two hours time,
I'll be back in my cell,
fighting the same never ending battle.
Had I used the wrong key?
In two hours time,
I'll be vaccinating away my life,
Just as I always have.

Do you not learn from the patterns you walk through?
Do yourself a favor,
And listen to a word from an enemy.
For often it is the side of yourself you do not see.

Fog again.
Trapped in the same familiar place, the same cell.
Give yourself a chance.
Easy to consume...
Think of the destruction and pain I cause.
Fumbling with the keys...
Give yourself a chance!
Crawling on the edge...
Beat me and you can beat anything!
Stand up and leave me now.

The world is calling you.

In two hours time,
I'd picked the right key.
Never to crawl back into my own cell
The world is calling me.