Hi everyone,

I have a really old Yamaha ERG121 that is laying around doing nothing; likewise a bad telecaster copy I bought off Ebay. I'm thinking of combing the 2 guitars to make one better.

The telecaster has nice hardware, good pickups and a wikinson like tele bridge. The only problem being that it was made by 5 year old german children.

The Yamaha ERG pickups are rusted and the saddles are missing on the bridge. The neck, body and headstock are in good nic.

Rather than having these guitars lying around the place, I'm thinking I might take the bridge off the tele and put it on the yammy. Will this be a good idea?

What do you reckon?
what bridge has the yamaha got atm?
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You'd need to ensure the bridge pickup cavity will fit the new pickup and the pickguard would probably have to be replaced or modified for the new bridge wouldn't it?
I'm half way there guys!

The Yammy bridge was one you'd expect to have with all bottom end Yammys. - http://www.accordo.it/upload/1205591877/yamaha_20erg121gp_202.jpg

Indeed the pickup cavity for the humbucker was smaller than for the bridge pickup due to it being side on, this will just take some small modification though.

My soldering iron is bust and so I will have to wait until I can do the wiring, but I need strings anyway... I'm currently using some old ones, it seems to be giving me a nice tone and a really slick action! I can't wait to get the bridge pickup in and wired up, I'll get some photos later!