I just changed the battery in my EHX metal muff and I can tell it has full power because the LED lights up really brightly when its on.

I also have a Boss 9V power supply with daisy chain cable.

Whenever I plug the Boss into the Metal Muff the LED suddenly grows really dim and the pedal acts as if it has low power, this never used to happen before. I can literally go from it saying it has full power with the power supple unplugged to then plugging it in and it saying it has no power.

What's going on ?????

EDIT: I checked the power supply and pedal and they both say they have negative centre and positive outside so they should be compatible, right ?
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Daisy chain is your problem they dont run true 9v, get a power brick they are not that expensive.

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

daisy chains F*cking it up
buy batteries or a powerbrick
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