a long time ago idecided it would be a good idea to re-paint my guitar.
it was, it looks cool BUT

when i was taking it apart to be painted, i got a few of the bits and put them into this little folder, and made myself diagrams and explanations on how to put my guitar back together, because i know how much of an idiot i am and i no i would forget.
however, i am more of an idiot than i think i am, becuase i lost it (the folder)

so far i think i need: new pots (volume, tone and selector)
new thing were the jack goes in
new truss rod cover

im also gonna need somebody to explain how to do this all, i am not gonna let someone else do it!
if they could explain what to solder where, and what pots to get cos i have no idea

althought its got holes for 2 humbuckers, i have a humbucker in the brige and a single one in the neck.
i had it all wired fine before i took it apart so dont say that that wont work!!

heres a pic before it was painted for good measure:
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Google is your friend. There are 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 diagrams of guitar wiring on google.
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I suggest next time putting the folder in somewhere safe that you won't forget.

How hard have you searched for this folder? Have you looked every possible place you can think of?

If so, and you can't find it, there's plenty of wiring etc diagrams on the internet. Even in this section, I believe there's an "Ultimate wiring thread" or something similar.

As for the parts, you can probably get everything you need from either a local music/guitar specialized store, or eBay.
Yeah, go to the Seymour duncan website and there will be a diagram for that.
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Remember your digital camera is your friend-use it B4 you start a & after to show off your project