1988 Japanese Charvel model 1 (with a model 4's neck, don't worry, 100% fit).
Well I changed... a lot on her. New saddle (graphtech), new nut (graphtech), pickguard (HSS, with new holes drilled so you can fit in standard Fender pickguards (though the neck pocket is slightly wider on the Charvie)). All Seymour Duncan Pickups!! Custom with A8 mag, Cool Rails, Quarter Pounder. I can wire this anyway you'd like too.
Beautiful flame in the neck.
Frets were levelled a year ago, and she's heading to the tech tomorrow for a final check up.

She's in GREAT state for a 20 years old guitar. I'd say an easy 9/10. Those guitars have a great reputation, do some research, it's easy to find info on these. Just as good as US Fenders I believe.


I've been working on her for two years now and she's finally finished, but I never bonded with her like I did with my other two guitars. So she can be yours for cheap.

Comes with a hardcase.
I'd rather not ship it. I live in Edinburgh.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Danelectro Metal I: VERY versatile metal distortion. Both of these clean up pretty damn well. Surprisingly awesome for the money! £30 shipped

AMT DistStation: 3 distortion pedal in one, and then some. Bass, Treble, Level, gain, and a three way switch each for: mic placement, gain level, amp types (Tweed, Marshall, Mesa): £70 shipped

AMT Legend Series P1: Only had this since boxing day. I love it, but I want to try the Digitech Hardwire Metal pedal, why not? Can't afford one brand new though so well...£100 shipped

Prices are shipped and paypalled. Those AMT pedals aren't very common in the UK I think, but so far they're the best bang for bucks out there in metal pedals I found.

Shipping is included to the UK and Northern Ireland.
As always, any questions, feel free to ask! I take offers and I'm looking for a Digitech Hardwire Metal, Laney GH50L or Orange Rocker 30 head/Combo.
AMT DistStation STILL AVAILABLE! And a great deal for this price too.

Also for sale:

Seymour Duncan JB, zebra, four conductors. £40 to your house.
AMT Diststation GONE
Duncan JB GONE
Danelectro Metal I Not for sale anymore
Also for sale:

Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 high output pickup. Only installed once, much, much wire left. The best pickup I tried so far to brighten up a thin sounding guitar. This one is THICK sounding, and compresses less, I feel, than other high output pickups. Quite powerful too, but not in such a bad way as to turn into mush. I love it but I have no guitar where to put it right now as I went all low output. £40 to your house in the UK, paypalled and shipped!
Ooops looks like I did forget the price, my bad!

I had it at £200, collection in Edinburgh For an all Seymour Duncan, quality rock axe, if I may add.
is the JB the neck pickup?

I'm selling my EMG's, once they sell and the money comes in, i'll get that JB off you (if its the neck one)
The JB is gone, and they only come in on version, there is just no neck JB. Sorry man. Just got the Alternative 8 remaining as pickups, which I much, much prefer to the JB myself. I'm just done with high output.
If you're looking for a neck pickup be careful with the output. A JB for instance is quite hot, so if you put it where it'll pickup more vibrations (neck vs bridge position) then it'll be noticeably louder than the bridge pickup, and distort your amp more as a result. You need to carefully set the pickup and polepieces height, or make judicious use of the volume controls if you have individual ones.