Ive been through wah pedal in the past and ive never settle at somthing i like

Ive had the
crybaby (the cheap one)
Vox v847
Dimebag db-01
and the morley mark tremonti power wah

I want a wah pedal that has i good sweep
and one that when i play solos and bend 15 on B string to 17 Or E that it has a noticable effects.

i found that the wahs i have tried get really harsh in to down even on clean
the morlely is especially bad for this

can you suggest any one that would be good for metal/ rock soloing
Jackson SLS3
Ibanez ART120 w/ Duncans
ENGL Fireball
Boss NS-2
TC Polytune
Digitech Drop pedal

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(actually called Deified)
maybe something more subtle like a budda wah ?
it sounds like you're asking too much though. more effect on high notes while not being harsh?
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