Hi All!

It's been a long time but I finally got the chance to record a song. It's in my profile.
I would like to hear your opinions/critique about it
Hey! Crit for crit?

Apart from the long and strung-out intro, which I found pretty dull tbh, I like this. It begs for drums, vocals, and some more instruments for the intro to spice it up a little. Overall, I liked it, I can't really fault your playing or your tone, good job!


EDIT: Crit my cover please?
Running Thoughts:
:10 - I like the harmonics to start the song out.
:52 - decent tone. nice amount of reverb. this has a good feel to it.
1:35 - Chords sound fine. full. the solo over the top sounds great as well. balence between the two is good.
2:00 - back to harmonics and i like it.
2:25 - Im digging this melody. tone is still great.
3:30 - when you start hitting some of those lower notes it was awsome. You should really really consider adding some bass to this song. (talk more about this at the end)
4:30 - a bit of an akward transistion
4:45 - you can hear alot of slide movement which I can't say that I'm a fan of.
5:55 - weird, but not bad fade out. im not really sure how I feel about it.

Not half bad at all. I rather liked it. Great early morning song.
This is great as a straight guitar piece, HOWEVER, it would really really really stand out if it had a simple quiet drum beat and some deep mellow bass with it.
Good Work.
Keep on keepin' on.
Thanks alot you two, especially your indepth look Jared R. Boyd!

I have the same thoughts about missing vocals/bass and possibly drums. This song wasn't intensionally made for a guitar piece. Those chords were made to sing over, but I'm struggling a bit with the lyrics.

Seccond I don't have a microphone to record, I record with my microcube plugged into my computer. Same goes for the drums and bass, I can't record it... jet. And I know I will be capable of making up a bass line and or drums, it would be better if other people who play those instruments for a couple of years would record that though.
Sounds really nice man! Really liking the vibe of it and the chord progression. With some bass and drums it will sounds amazing.

Good work

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While I agree that it feels like it needs more voices, there's something to be said with the simplicity of this piece. I really enjoyed the harmonics at the beginning. It sounded so different from what I expected. You have a really cool sound here!