I just put in my old hard-drive and found this puppy on there. It's been atleast a year since I heard this song and it blew me away. Hope you guys like it too.

Use RSE.

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Intro was alright, kind of simple but it works with the verse. First solo is pretty good nothing really stood out. I really liked bar 27, the fill during the verse. Chorus was awesome, especially the harmonies in bars 35 - 37 Solo 2 was good too and the main solo was sweet. Good song, add some drums and it will be an awesome song 7/10

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The intro was alright, it wasn't that interesting but there was something about it that I liked. I think the second time it repeated the powerchord rhythm should've in behind it rather than waiting for the third repeat. Another thing that would work nicely with it, in my opinion, would be adding just whole notes on the high E string, basically giving it a strings feel of a background... if that made sense. The solo was ok, nothing too special but at least it wasn't just mindless, I think when you end up recording and mixing this the acoustic rhythm should be a bit higher because the chords made it hard to hear.

The part around 1:40 where you keep the clean guitar going and then the rhythm guitar to basically double it in some parts is interesting, I liked this part for the most part. Your solo at 2:04 is quite a bit better than the first one in my opinion, but the rhythm in this one, like the first, was a bit boring. As I'm listening more, I like the idea of keeping the clean guitar going while having the rhythm guitar go over it.. its working pretty nicely. Now I'm at around 3:25, and to me, this has been the best section so far though it does get a bit repetitive after a while. I think this would be a great spot to put a melodic lead over, but I do like how it transitioned into a fast riff.

For the most part I liked this riff, but I didn't really care for it once it got to 4:28, it just sounds too off to me. The riff that comes after it was good though, had a Judas Priest feel for me. Transitioning into this section sounded very natural to me, but going back to the melodic section seemed to be a bit awkward, the transition could use some work here. I also found the lead to be a bit boring up til around 5:36, then it picks up and gets much much better, thats an excellent rhythm though.

6:15 has been your heaviest section of the song so far, but I didn't really like this riff too much, it also just doesn't really fit with the previous 6 minutes of the song. The transition out of this riff and back into the slower and melodic section is also awkward, this just didn't work for me. I was expecting the rest of the song to just repeat, but 8:01 is a really good section.. probably my favorite of the song.

Overall, I thought you had two really great sections that both have a lot of potential. The one at 3:25 is a very good start, I think that if you added a melodic lead over it this could be a great section. Your second section that I found great was 8:01, I think you could go on with this one a bit longer because I found it a lot more interesting than your main riff was. I think this riff would work a lot better somewhere else than as the outro, it deserves a bit more attention I'd say. This was a pretty long song, hence the long crit, but you have some very good ideas. I think it could be shortened up a bit as it got a bit repetitive after a while, but some of the sections in this are pretty good.

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well it sounds like a "metallica song like" attempt. well i don't like it so much, but it's a "propper" musical piece. that doesn't mean it's bad, but it means that ME didn't like the song. I don't like songs by metallica too.