I've heard about 'treble bleed' capacitors across volume pots, and indeed I use them on both of my guitars, but my guitar teacher tells me he has a similar device on his tone pot. It achieves much the same effect; turning down the pot reduces bass output, but retains the treble. He mentioned a 'bumblebee' capacitor, but all i've found on the internet about this is it being more a 'style' of capacitor, rather than a particular piece of hardware (with a given capacitance etc.)

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what this might be, or how one would wire such a capacitor in.
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Bumblebee is just a brand, and at $60 for a ****ing cap, it isn't worth your money. It doesn't make the tone muich different than a regular cap.
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You can use all the special vintage caps you want in a guitar, it won't make a bit of difference to the tone. In an amp or something, yeah, a bit, but not a guitar. Stick to poly film.