i like that chord progression. his voice is good, but it sounds a bit like he's trying to sound like the guy from hinder. i wish he varied his range a bit more when he was singing. and changed the progression more. the lead was very nice. it was good and simple...what you want from an acoustic solo.

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Guitar playing was really nice, not sure the vocal style fits the mellow acoustic singing though. The raspy deep voice sounds like it belongs in metal or hard rock. Liked the solo. Some of the lyrics are a little campy, the line 'its different tho" sounds really forced to me, like it doesnt fit the cadence/rhythm.

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Guitars sounded good and vocal style was nice in my opinion. This got really repetitive however, which was a big turn off for me. The little solos were good, but yeah, you guys have to change the chord progression around a bit instead of keeping the same chords and strumming pattern throughout the whole song. 'Somebody like you' part was good though, it stayed in my head which is a great thing for you, good job.

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musically the song was very good, i liked the chord progression and lead. the Lyrics were good and at sometimes the vocals were good, but they got a little too gritty at parts, and it got a little repetitive at parts, and the solo's seemed pretty similar but were good. overall a cool preformance.

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