Hey guys. I was looking in the local paper today and I saw a JTM60 2x12 for $395. First of all, I was wondering if this was a good deal. Second, I wasn't really looking for an amp, but if this is a good deal I might get it. Would the sound be much better than a Crate V16 with new tubes? I like the sound I am getting now, but I sometimes think the tone isn't quite what it could be. I plan on going to try it but I want some opinions first. I am checking HC reviews as I type and probably as you read this.

I play classic rock, blues, psychedelic, hard rock, and a little classic metal. I can go without a good classic metal sound though.


JTM60 for $395=good deal?

JTM60 much better than Crate V16?

Thanks for any input guys. I really appreciate it.
JTM60s get a bad rap for heat related issues.
Just put a fan behind it to keep the air circulating and it should do well.

If the amp is in working condition, that's a steal!

60 tube watts should be really loud.

I have a 60 watt Hot Rod Deville 410 is plenty loud for gigging almost any setting.
The JTM should be louder than the V16. As for better, that's rather subjective.
The JTM is a Class AB amp and the V16 is a Class A.
It will be different and more powerful.
The JTM also has two effects loops (parallel and series), a direct out for recording and built-in reverb. The JTM was designed for clean, vintage gain and modern high gain so the sonic flexibility is higher than the v16.
I used to have it, kinda disappointed in myself for selling it. Amazing amp. Great cleans for a Marshall, amazing crunch and good overdriven distortion. It didn't have as much of an edge/gain without using a od pedal to get it to the point and style I needed it for, that's why I sold it. It's an awesome amp. Comes with some reliability issues as stated before, but a fan helps out a lot. Never failed on me. Should have celestion heritage in that model, great speakers. Get it. Beats your crate hands down, keep the crate as a backup.
i have one

dere amazing!
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