seeing as there is no ultimate-drums or a drum thread here, I'll just ask here then.
When having two crashes, is it better to have two identical ones (to sound the same when double crashing) or two of different size and/or type (to give a different noise whne double crashing) ?
it matters what sound you want. Obviously, if you want different sounds (i pesonally like that) than get different crashes. 2 of the same cymbal is usually just for a bigger sound. I dunno if that helps much tho, its really a matter of what sound you want.
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I figure it's a waste of money to have two of the same cymbal.

I tend to go for two different ones. For example; my kit has a K Custom Dry Crash, a Z Custom Rock Crash, a Stagg Crash, and two Planet Z Rides (one as a crash and one as a ride).

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I like having two different crashes, just to have different sounds available. If you're going to be doing a lot of double crashing make sure you buy something that's going to mix well with your current crash though.
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