Ok right now i am enrolled in architecture. I have been given the chance to go to two different universities. one majors in Hrm, and business like courses. and the other is somewhat a architectural school. last sem at the other school i was at, i took up business marketing management. what do you think i should do?

i guarantee someone will say choose what you desire or some crap.

but what do you guys think is better?
Before reading your post I was going to say choose what you desire but I guess I can't now. Personally i'd prefer business over architecture.
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Go with Architecture. At least then you'll have earned a real skill which can be put to practical use. This world is inundated with people with business degrees and media degrees and others which are of no real use to anyone. Also, everyone needs new buildings and they'll be coming to you to design them.
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theres no shortage of business peeps thats for sure. people need buildings made and theres not a crap load of people to do it
Choose what you like...Sorry I have to say it. (You don't wanna be stuck with something you don;t like for the rest of your life now do you? )
Go for Architecture. You make tons of money but you gotta work hard for it.
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Go with architecture. I'm not an expert on either field, but Being an architect sounds like something that would get you a better job.
"Go for Architecture. You make tons of money but you gotta work hard for it."
If you intend to WORK HARD, both in university and later you can achieve great things!
Bussiness stuff are easier to get a major in, I guess (not American, but I'm a Mechanical Eng.)
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ok, im in archi right now. so i should stay in it? i heard from a few guys here before i started this first year in college that architects here in america dont make good money, they just make what they earn or something. i forgot what they said. perhaps they we're talking about construction workers? cause at first that really got to me