Hey guys
I need a secound guitar for my secound band, because they play in lower tunings
and I don´t want to tune up and down.
Iam able to pay max 500 € for a guitar.
But I need a good and a cheap one.
Does anyone hase any experience with this guitar from " Kramer "


The secound favorite of me would be


What should I choose

greets 40 BPM
Well, not with that guitar, but i did play a Kramer at a Gibson showcase (i think) and i loved it, but ESP announced new LTD models for the Alexi series (use searchbar 2009 esp models) but after seeing them, i think u should wait a little bit 'cause they look damn sexy.
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If you're interested in getting a Kramer then wait as they are putting out new models for 2009 and debuting them off at Winter NAMM so they should be available soon
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I thought you meant Joey Kramer; Aerosmiths drummer at first, hes good, certainly!
Not sure about the guitar. I haven't heard much bout em.
The old kramers were better then most the new ones.
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Do you btw remember when Kramer used to jump in thrue the door with that weird face?
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