I have, of course, my old 1958 Ampeg Rocket and I'd very much like to know how much I could get for it...

Does anyone know any websites that I cantell the serial number and model or whatever and they'll tell me what it's worth?

If not, then here the specs...

Model: R-12

Serial: 812110

15 watts tube power

Original Jensen American made speaker

Original Sylvania tubes (great shape)

Volume, Tone, Tremolo speed and intensity.

Inputs: Guitar, Accordion, and Mike (microphone)

Sturdy construction.

There are NO problems with this amp.

There are two changes, one cosmetic and the other not an issue at all. The handle was replaced with rope because the original was broken back in the 60's. The rope holds up very well. The power plug was cut on accident in the same era but was replaced, and works with no issues.

There are signs of age on this amp, some wearing in the corners where the wood is beginning to show, and what looks like cigarette burns on the top.

I've gigged with this amp, and I have to say, there are absolutely no problems or issues with it.

Family's going through some tough times when it comes to money, figured I'd help my dad out. Us eating is a bit more important than the incredible tube tone of this amp.

Can anyone help?
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