I am currently in a situation i could do with some advice in.

I'm currently in the process of writing a solo album, but i have problems with recording it.

I own a Boss Micro-BR which i have found to be very useful. I do not own a drum kit and have no wish to buy one. So because of this i need to use some sort of synthesizer to create a drum track to work around. I haven't looked much into Drum synthesizers and would like some advice on which to buy. Money is an issue so anything basic will be fine, i've not had much luck looking into free ones either.

I'm not sure how synthesisers work but i need one similar to the layout of Guitar Pro, where you can enter the tempo and the individual notes. But it needs to have the option to export to MP3 (or similar format).

At the moment i'm using the Micro-BR's microphone to record the drum track off of Guitar Pro 5, it's a tinny, crap sound but it gives me something to work around. I could export the vocals, bass and guitar onto my laptop and then add the synthesiser track afterwards.

Any advice or recommendations?
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I'm doing the same thing for band recording atm man, because it's so awkward to get a decent drum sound recorded.

I use Guitar Pro, Cubase, EZ Drummer, and a Line6 UX1 for guitar.

I write up the drums in GP, export it as a midi file. I can then open this file in Cubase, and using EZ Drummer (it's a VSTi, a kinda of plugin) create a good drum sound. EZD just resamples the crappy midi sounds, with better sounding ones, and can do this from any midi file.

Then it's a case of recording guitars, vox, and bass with the UX1. Turns out really nice in the endup, much better than most local bands where I'm from at least.