Is there any way to weigh down the body of an SG, because I noticed that on the back of this kid's 61 Reissue, There were weights that you'd normally see on Soapbox cars glued onto the back of his guitar. Every time he ended a song, they would bow down, and the neck wouldn't drop to the floor. I know this will eventually cause problems in the finish(if it aleady hasn't) so I'm woundering if there is a more safe way to do this on an SG, that way I can do this.
Yeah, it's called a leather strap.

The whole 'SGs are way too neck heavy' thing is kind of a lame excuse. I had 2 SGs and both of them were not overly neck heavy.

If it really bugs you, move the strap button to the top cutaway of the guitar or something.
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or just keep your picking arm on the guitar when you arent holding the neck.
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