I did not knw where to post this so I thought it was a guitar ''accesorie'' haha:P

i'm looking into buying myself an electronic drum, as i do some home recording and little gigs where it could be more usefull than a full size full VOLUME acoustic drum

i would like to know what model are suggested!!!

Depends quite highly upon how much you want to spend
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Full kits start around $400 for a Simmons kit, which is pretty cheap. The absolute best is probably a Roland V-Drum kit, which can get up over $2000. I would spend as much as you can, as Id say these things are a get-what-you-pay-for situation. And you can always replace/upgrade stuff later.
well i already have a rea drum home.........i would like to be able to use my double kick on it..... sound banks arent really important as I use ez drummer for sounds

i would put maybe a 600-800 dollars canadian on it .....

looking for a electronic drum ( full kit) like snare highat kick 3 toms...at LEAST 2 cymbals....the more the better
LOL better keep saving if you want a full kit then bud, V drums are probably the best out there and starting price on those is like 1500usd for a good one.