So finally, I bought the Firebox and it came with Cubase LE4.
So I installed everything, registered my products, got the serial number and activation code for Cubase, but whenever I start it, it shows an error:

Syncrosoft License Control - Error
Application "Cubase LE 4" has caused the following error:
DCOM connection to program "Synsopos.exe" failed.
Error:The server threw an exception.

Need help here, please!

E/ Ok so I just downloaded the newest version of Syncrosoft's License Control Center (LCC) and it seems to work. That might just have been it, I hope.

Omg, but now I'm having another problem. Whenever I select a part of a track and want to silence or fade it:

A serious problem has occurred: Please try to save your project under another name and then restart Cubase LE 4.exe. If this problem persists please contact Steinberg Technical Support with a description of what you do to create this problem, and the created file C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE 4\Cubase LE 4.LOG.

Should I contact them?
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well the good thing that comes when you buy a product is 24 hour phone and email support.

Contact the Cubase company and see what they can do. It seems like they would be the best place to go for this type of problem.