I can buy a used one for $475. Is this a good deal. Has anyone here played one or know of any problems with them or anything I should look for or be aware of when going to buy it?I want an amp I can play blues with, so it has to have a good clean channel, but I also like playing stuff that requires distortion. Is this a good amp for both?
The distortion wont be great.. how much gain do you need? i wouldnt let this put you off though, its a very good amp, a couple of pedals and you'd be set
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$475 is about half of what a 410 goes for new.

You should be aware that it's going to be really, really heavy.

Most people do not like the DeVille's gain channel. That said, I don't really play high-gain music, so it has never bothered me. Do keep in mind that it is not a high gain amp, so you won't get BROOTAL DISTORTION out of it.

The DeVille does have the gain for bluesy stuff, and the clean channel is amazing, especially with reverb. If you want it, and can afford it, go for it.
yeah, it's a nice amp for jazz and blues and at the VERY most classic rock but other than that I would say don't waste the money
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If you wanna play anything with more gain than say...acdc, forget about it and get a different amp.
But that said, the 410 puts out some VERY nice clean tones.
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It's a great amp for blues/jazz/classic rock with the right od pedal. The faults are that the onboard gain is meh at best and it's not very good at doing "quiet". Touchy volume pot. $475 is a fair used price for the amp. I'm a fan of them regardless of how this post sounds - I'm just trying to let you know what shortcomings it has from my experience.
Thanks for the post everyone, I'm not trying to get metal level distortion, just like what you would here from like 90's grunge music. Would a pedal allow me to do that, and if so what would you recomend? I like to mess around with Morello Rage riffs, I 'm not holding my breath that I would be able to do it with this amp, but for everything else is this amp gonna cover it?
it will be fine for what you are playing. just get a good OD pedal and a good distortion pedal to cover your gains and ODs. Its HEAVY and LOUD.
I could also get a blues junior for $325 used, is it worth the extra $150 to get the Deville?
If you are just playing with buds then the blues jr would be fine. It's a great little amp for blues/rock especially with a nice od pedal in front. $325 is about right used, sometimes they go at $300 so.

It really depends though, if you gig you may want the wattage and extra speakers to move air, especially if you don't mic to a pa system. If you just garage and basement jam, smaller settings, the bjr would likely be fine.
i don't know anyone who actually paid retail for one... i got mine for 200... but it was broken when i got it... easy fix, though.