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What was it?
Where'd you get it?
How was it?
What conidtion was it in?

I got a shine RRV copy for £30 once...twas sweet =]
What does Chesapest mean?
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a bullet strat
music store
good still playing it but i am trying to buy a news one :p
gear :epiphone g400 custom
squier bullet strat
orange crush 15r
boss ds-2
fame ml-30
red hill CDG-3 SEQ

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Chesapest sounds like a Native American chieftain. Are you encouraging slavery?
Oh and just so I don't act like a total prick, I got a Aria Pro II guitar for about 60 bucks. It wasn't terrible. It was a nice guitar for starting out.
Tonight, we stagger out from the basement...

I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

...Or fall to our deaths from above
I managed to get an acoustic from a skip one time, it was in suprisingly good condition.
Yamaha no idea of the model name, second hand, originally from wal-mart
$35(CDN) with an amp

lasted almost a year before the pickups died for some reason, bought a new guitar rather than replacing them

EDIT: I used the amp as a practice amp until just recently when it stopped turning on, I was surprised it lasted so long.
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my little sister got a palma mini junior sized acoustic guitar with a bag, set of strings, tuner and pick for a £1
she has handed it to over me now :P
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I bought a Yamaha RGX420DZ for £20. I did also trade an OD and wah pedal for it, but I had new ones so I didn't use them.
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Chesapest sounds like a Native American chieftain. Are you encouraging slavery?

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Cheap Les Paul copy from ebay. It worked fine for about 3 months, then spent about another 3 months dying bit by bit.
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Ibanez GRG170DX
Peavey Vypyr 75
Fender Princeton 650 DSP w/ Celestion 80w speaker
I bought a guitar from Drive (Switch Music) out of musicians friend. 100 bucks, ****ty strat copy, awful pickups, couldn't keep tune, and to top it off I would crank it through a Marshall MG15 playing Zeppelin.

God my formative years were fun.
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$120 Squier Strat.
Epiphone G-400 Ebony
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I got the crappiest Harmony guitar ever from a music store for way too much. That salesman ought to be ashamed of himself for ripping me off like that. I hope he is dead.
3/4 I got for Christmas, and the 4th I paid $40 for
So I guess the 3 I got for Christmas, 'cos for me, they were free.
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Chesapest sounds like a Native American chieftain. Are you encouraging slavery?

Anyways, on topic;
Errr, like £10 Encore acoustic from Argos when I was like, 9.
Well, technically for me it was free, seeing as my parents bought it for me.
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5 Euro's

And it was inflatable
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got my dads old one for free, that count? and i bought an acoustic to take around with me, for when im camping and out and about, for 30 quid
8 bucks for a charity shop acoustic
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an acoustic "stag"..I got it for 70$ last year.

..I'm pretty happy with it, since I wanted something cheap to keep playing during the holidays (and basically be stuck in a closet for 4-5 months), so i was expecting a lot less. I had to walk in several music stores and ask "what's the cheapest guitar you've got"

...you wouldn't believe how many crappy guitars I tested that day..
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A P-Bass copy from Cash Converters for about £49 I think. It was pretty good. I need to fix the input jack now. >_<
I know my aunt got this acoustic at a flea market somewhere's, it was like $20, and the sad part was that the neck was pretty much snapped off, and she super-glued it back on lol.
my sisters purple silvertone electric. it was a strat copy with 2 direct mount single coils and one humbucker. twas pretty sweet for a handmedown.
got a firewood acoustic for free
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Got my first Electric Guitar, an ESP LTD H-100FM in awesome condition, for like £83, which is a massive reduction from how much they retail at.
A Dean DBD T (retail value something like $600) for $75. Perfect condition. The guy I bought it from had even just put in new pickups that cost him $150. I don't know why he sold it to me for that low but whatever. It kicks ass.
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I got a classical guitar for $3 at a yard sale.

You got ta haggle, 3 for that you must be mad, I'll give ya 50 cents
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No option for over £90?

That said, my guitars are as follows:

1st guitar (2003):
Shitty classical from the late '60s from my dad.

2nd (2003):
Admira Malaga classical for about £150. Not bad for a starter guitar.

3rd (2005):
Purple Yamaha RGX-121D, £120 second hand, no matter what anyone says about this guitar I think it's an incredible piece of kit for under £400

4th (2005):
Shitty classical for our holiday house in Spain.

5th (2006):
Crafter FX-550EQ semi-acoustic, £180

6th (2006):
Yamaha G-245S classical guitar, 1979-1982 from my dad. Stunning guitar with the right strings... shame mine's cracked on the bottom left and right.

7th (2008):
Garrison G20-CE, semi-acoustic, £500 with case. Love it to bits with Elixir nanoweb 80/20s, the sexy beast.

I never even knew I had 7 guitars. I only have 3 at my house right now (the Yamahas and the Garrison). The Crafter is on permanent loan to someone who appreciates it more than I do!
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an Epiphone strat copy (actually a very nice guitar) which got for free, the cheapest guitar that I actually payed for was my bass, which was $250 (a used BC Rich platinum series warlock with one of those coffin cases)
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