Which pedal do you think is the best delay pedal as I'm looking to invest in one?
Thanks a lot.
depends on what you want
digital or analog
long or short delay
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MXR's Carbon Copy is good. Boss DD pedals. DL4's probably have the most variety in sounds.
Boss DD-20 for multiple options. Definitely my first choice. MXR Carbon Copy for nice short analog delay. Line 6 DL4 is said to be good but not reliable.
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Electro Harmonix Echo #1 is a good pedal if you're looking for a digital delay. Its got pretty long delays, and well as shorter ones too. Its very versatile and I got mine used for $60 on Ebay.
I have a Boss DD-20 and it does basically everything you can think of, and has some kind of enormous delay capacity... like 20 seconds or something like that.

The Line 6 DL4s are nice, check out live videos of Minus The Bear to see what you can do with them, but that particular pedal has a spotty reliability reputation, but a really nice pedal.

I've also heard great things about the Ibanez DE7 if you're on a budget, but I have never tried one.

If you're determined to go analog, the MXR Carbon Copy is supposed to be nice, and if you have a bunch of money to spend and room on your pedalboard, the EHX Memory Man is super nice.
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nova delay if you want to shell out the cash
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if you do get a boss digital delay, or any digital delay i would recommend the dd-7 over the dd-6, dd-3, or dd-20 (there's a bunch more as well)
it takes all the good things of the dd-6, upgrades them, and moves it in the normal sized boss pedal
here's an example why i like the dd-7 more:
the dd-20 has 23 seconds of delay (pretty useless) and 20 seconds of looping
the dd-7 has 5 seconds of delay (all you'd need) and 40 seconds of looping
to me the dd-7 just makes more sense
hope i helped
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You really can't go wrong with a DL4 IMO, there's a reason you see them on so many people's pedalboards. If you don't like the whole 'presets' thing the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man does similar things.

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I own the DD20 and what makes it much better than the DD7 is the ability to have 4 memories aswell as manual mode aswell as a seperate tap tempo/memory pedal with the option of an external tap switch. This makes life so much easier than having one switch attempting to do everything.
I believe the DD7 does have the best delay modes from the 20 so if you want to spend less/save space its a good option.

alot of it depends on how you want to used your delays for the odd lead line or solo something like the carbon copies probably pretty good, but if you want loads of option, memories etc look at the DL4 DD20 and Nova delay
My personal favorite is the Line 6 DL4. If you want something cheaper, Boss DD-7's are really nice too.
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Nova Delay or DL4.

If on a budget get a Digidelay. Carbon Copies are also great but don't have as many functionsas the others. Depends what you're after really.

I personally would take the Nova Delay.