Am thinking about doing a heavy mod to either a tele body (which i would buy - i'm no woodworker) with a separate neck (see previous) or a jagmaster.

I have a serious hankering for the SD P-Rails pickups. I'm fascinated with the idea of having p-90, strat, and humbucker sounds in the same guitar.

If I did it on a jagmaster, of course I'd need to switch to two concentric v/t pots so I could have independent v and t for each PU. I've found a diagram at SD for how to wire these PUs for two v, two t, one 3-way, and two 3-way mini-toggles.

That set up should, theoretically, give 18 possible combinations. I'd need to drill through the guard and add the two mini-toggles, of course. I'm thinking if i can find one of the older vista-series jagmasters (which seem, by all accounts, to have had a much better level of build quality) i'd do this mod ASAP.

Anyhow, my questions to all of you is these:

Have any of you played a guitar with P-Rails?
Have any of you installed them in any instruments?
Do they live up to the hype?
What wiring setup did the guitar have?

Any words of wisdom on these PUs would be very very welcome...

I've read the reviews, and watched the video demos, and searched the web over and over, but the people in the GB&C forum seem like some of the most knowledgable and generous with their experience and expertise, as well as the most perceptive.

So, now that I'm done brown-nosing, whaddaya think?

--Artie Fisk
I've looked into them a lot, and I've never personally talked to someone who's used these pickups. They sound awesome from the demos I've heard, but I can't personally vouch for anything.

Yeah, they seem GREAT in the demo videos, but you never know how much of that is the amp, the player, the other parts of the guitar...