So I was thinking off the top of my head about 7 string guitarists.

I really only came up with 4:
Steve Vai (DUH!)
Jeff Loomis
Chris Broderick
John Petrucci

I know there are tons others out there, I just don't know them.
So I thought this would be an intersting topic.
Let's go!
Trivium has some 7 string stuff

dunno if that's what you're into
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Meshuggah on Destroy Erase Improve and Chaosphere. After that they moved onto 8 strings
Steve Smyth
Christian Olde Wolbers
Rusty Cooley
Tony McAlpine (sp?)
Dave Weiner (Steve Vai's rhythm guitarist)
Buz and Ken from Unearth
Through the Eyes of the Dead
Spawn of Possession

there's a load more.
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