Ok well i got a budget of 500.

I won 500$ at the casino yesterday and tought to myself might aswell buy a new amp aloughg i just got a V18 barely a month ago im just ganna trade it in for something better now.

For new im just looking at the AC15, i just like how glassy and gritty it sounds while still maintaing some class.

Right now i just have a budget of 300, im planning on putting 300 on lay away for the AC15 paying it off next week with my McCheck and keep an extra 200 for pot and beer.

Im also looking at the used market with the same budget of 300.

The two amps im mainly looking at are peaveys.

Classic 20, and Delta blues.

Ive tried a Delta blues and it was heavenly and was wondering if i like that sound might as well go for the the 30 if its about the same.

How does a Classic 30 compare with an AC15?

I can get them for pretty cheap 200$-300$.

I dont really go into metal all that much and just play punk classic and blues, i dont really care about distortion cause i have a CM-2 overdrive and i plan on buying a Vox Satch pedal.
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the C20 is gonna be alot like your V18 and the Delta blues something like a AC30
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