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13 38%
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4 12%
Voters: 34.
does anyone here make model kits?
i mean more geared towards armour or aircraft and stufff but i dont mind warhammer or lotrhammer

i liek to make 1/35 scale tanks and figures and stuff, i published an online article on figure painting a while ago aswell on a site i frequent.

here are some of my fave bits so far

and ths tiny engine wiring

thts all i could be bothered to look for at the moment.
and most are quite old, and i have improved a load
used to do airfix

but same as above. no time.
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I do r/c model aircraft. If I ever get around to it, I'm gonna start on a 1/7th Hawker Sea Fury soon.
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I used to build/paint WWII aircraft. I had a badger single-action airbrush and canned air , but it got the job done with some creative masking. Some of my fav brands of scale models: Hasegawa, Tamiya, Airfix, et al. It's been years since I've built anything though. You do good work Lespauljames
Eh I build/fly model rockets, I used to build old airplane models too, but I haven't done that in years.
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I used to build Model airplains and paint them,nothing fancy tho just a fine paint brush.
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I used to be obsessed with them. The gundam models were my favorites, I've long since grown out of them though.
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I do model planes, never motorized the ones I handbuild but I fly RC planes.
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