I'm repainting my bass, tomorrow and the day after, and there's some questions I had.

(It's not the bass from my previous thread, luthiers advised me against that project because of the veneer and it would never look like what I wanted)

So, last time I repainted a guitar it was with a spray-can and it was a solid colour (white) on an already primed (black) guitar (I only sanded the lacquer off).

So. Can I do this again? It's a regular GSR180 sunburst bass, and I'm aiming for something like this. It's a quick mockup I did in paint.

Including the 'messy' effect, I don't want the lines to be straight. So I thought instead of a paintspray I could use brushes, as if I were painting a wall, to have more control over what goes where, and I also thought it'd be cool to be able to feel the 'unevenness' of the paint (like yo can feel a painting) but I guess the lacquer would negate that effect.

Basic question, would it be a bad idea to sand off the bass' lacquer, then take three cans of colours of woodpaint and some brushes and paint it?

Also suggestions on how to apply lacquer are welcome. And I don't know if I'll be doing the back yet. Maybe I just want to keep that black.
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