Okay, I will be getting a laptop very shortly and I want to do some basic recording of just guitar tracks. I will be using Audacity and plan to get a semi-decent microphone off of Thomann (which I will need advice on what to get) and record that way, because that will give a semi-decent sounding recording rather than a line-in or anything.

in a nutshell; what gear will I need to buy for recording from my amp in to laptop, thanks. Id rather buy everything off of Thomann.
I havnt really got a set budget, because I don't really know the cost of what im looking for, but preferably cheaper the better, as long as it does its job, im not looking to make top-quality recordings.
Well in that case as long as u have a mic and audacity and ur laptop has an input jack (probably next to your headphone jack) thats all u need mate.
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Will that not result in bad latency? (I think thats the correct word), I plan on having a couple layers, and it could be a bit difficult. Is there a way of reducing this?
you need a audio interface, firewire or usb 2.0, and you could use reaper instead of audacity, 100 times better and also free
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Okay, I will look in to reaper then. I thought firewire and USB2.0 where drivers/connection types? And an audio interface, you mean like a mixing board? Sorry, but I completely lack knowledge when it comes to hardware needed for recording etc.
its like a external soundcard thats made for recording and is connected to the computer via a firewire or a usb cable, where you will plug in your microphone

that is a good one for the money, if your computer got a firewire input?

and i recomend getting a shure SM57 microphone directly, since if you buy a cheap mic youll just have to buy a better one later on

and a mic stand and cables will you find on thomann also
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It'd be easiest just too record directly to your computer with Line 6 TonePort. PERFECT for home recording, I would definitely look into it. Pretty cheap too.
I dont think my laptop has a firewire input, its only a cheapish laptop tbh, here it is Laptop.

Saying that, it is good spec-wise, would latency be a huge issue? I only plan on having a couple guitar layers, maybe eventually add some keys/synth, if latency isnt a big issue, I could just get a decent mic, mic my amp and somehow connect that in to the laptop through reaper right?
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everybody and their brother wants a cheap way to record music at their house. The fact is that if you want "decent" recordings, it's gonna cost a decent amount of money. Even if everything is professionally recorded, it still is only going to sound semi-decent until it is mixed. this means that you need to spend more money on mastering software and stuff like that. Get a good mic, like the person above said.. an SM57 will do good, then get an audio interface, your laptop probably won't work once you multitrack more than a few tracks... sorry, you will also need a good software, not audacity, mic stands, cables....

basically if you want "decent" recordings you should get a 4 track portastudio for a couple hundred bucks, and then the sm57 and a cable. The you can plug in your headphones instead of getting monitors. look at spending around 400 bucks or so
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Wouldn't totally agree with that. Short of a studio, mixing desk, condenser mics, soundproofing, yarda yarda, you're never going to get a top level recording - THAT MUCH IS OBVIOUS.

Getting a decent recording at home need not be totally out of reach, however. There's so much in terms of software out there at the moment that can do just about anything you need it to do.

Mic -> Pre-amp -> Soundcard -> Software

Is an obvious chain. Decent mic, a pre-amp a decent low-latency quality sound card tailored for recording etc and a good bit of software and you'd be well on your way to capturing a decent recording. Obv mic positioning is a factor and surrounding noise, but like I said, you're not in a studio.

With a laptop, use the chain above but get the external sound card as already mentioned by others. Just make sure it can do the do and has all the necessary ins and outs.

M-Audio are old steads always worth considering. Check this out:


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That USB-MIC adapter looks promising, I could buy a decent mic, and use that baby to go direct in to reaper. Does anyone know if the sound would be acceptable like that? As i've said, im not looking for decent recording quality, all its going to be used for is to record my songs and if possible have a semi-acceptable tone that isn't flat as fock (like a direct line-in recording sounds like) and also be able to use my pedals, because my songs use alot of delay and reverb.
Dont buy from thomann there prices have gone up due to the pound being so weak look at dolphin music and gear 4 music as they are british based and usually cheaper.

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Thats okay thanks for the heads up, I was looking more specifically at the products themselves, if they are all I need and good enough then i'll look around for all the different prices. Do you have an idea on the actual hardware whether they are okay/all I would need?
Mic is good, audio interface seems fine for the price and I've used M-Audio before and they are great.
Okay then, so thats that sorted, do you know if there is any other wires/adapters that I will need? I *assume* the interface will have the USB cable that will go in to the computer, the microphone should have the lead which connects in to the interface right?