I have a Line6 spider II or III and I am wondering if it would be a waste of money to buy a compression pedal and an overdrive for my amp? I plugged in my eq pedal yesterday and it cut out my distortion. So now I am wondering if the Line6 spiders can accept pedals without fkn up my distortion.

To be honest I don't know how I can make my tone better without using the hundreds of ****ty presets in the amp.
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To be honest I don't know how I can make my tone better without using the hundreds of ****ty presets in the amp.

Simple buy a new amp.

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Simple buy a new amp.

Pretty much.

Budget/styles of music you play/current gear?
If you go to a clean channel, and hook up your pedals, then itll work great. What kind of music do you play? I used to have a line 6 spider III and it was great for presets, but im not a fan of modelling amps. I sold mine and went to pedal and a regular solid state amp. Mine overheated. But if you buy an overdrive and compression, itll work fine on a clean channel.
I play metal and rock with a esp m400. Alright thanks for the help paintball.

Paintballcrazy7: any suggestions on distortion pedals?
no prob bro. going out on a limb here but ill suggest you try the metal core and metal zone pedals by boss. Alotta people on here hate the metal zone, but i used one onstage and ive thrown em around alot. theyre built really solid. its the only distortion pedal ill use.
the only thing about the metal zone though, is it can give you feedback easy if you dont set it up right, but its got infinate possibilities. the reason i reccommend looking at the metal core is solely based on i didnt try one, and it seems like the same essential pedal with an easier set up. A lotta people like metal muff pedals too, but i like boss's compact design, tough build, decent price, reliability, sound, and 5 year warrentys.
NO NO NO NO!!!!!! please, do not listen to this moron. He has no idea what he is talking about.

whatever you do, don't buy a boss metal pedal. Don't buy a distortion pedal at all, you will always get bad results with a modeling amp. Also don't buy any pedals until you have bought a new amp.

Sell your amp and buy this:

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no youre a moron. you can get a good sound by hooking a pedal to a modelling amp clean channel. and i did tell him to TRY OUT a boss metal pedal. they aint that bad. i like mine. and i thought he was looking for a pedal, which is much easier than a new amp.