i bought an ebow yesterday, they are definitely worth the cash because they are amazing. i have done the 18 volt mod in 2 guitars and im around par at soldering. so im interested to see if this is possible to do or not, so i definitely didnt want to try doing this unless i consulted someone who knew more about wiring schematics and capacitors and all that what and all.
I dont really know what an ebow is, but the EMG 18v mod works because EMGs are rated at 27v so putting more power through them opens them up a bit

find out what voltage the ebow is designed to work at and dont exceed it.

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wut does a EBOW do?

You put it just above a string, and it makes the string vibrate very fast and it makes it sound almost like a violin sort of thing...
It stimulates the string using magnetic current (very similar to a fernandes sustainer, but handheld). Check out the handbook that came with it, there should be something about what it can handle voltage wise.

what would you hope to accomplish with that?
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i thought maybe amping up the power a bit would make it so the strings would vibrate from a farther distance, thus enabling chords, and sweep arpeggios much easier.