Do those words work together?

lookin for a 4x12 geared more towards a more modern kinda sound.
I've got a good amp, i just need a better cab to back it up

Anyone else have some suggestions?
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Buy the speakers, some wire, a 1/4" jack and some decent wood and make your own. You can do it for ~$200 and get something that sounds WAY better than anything you can buy in that price range.

Ultimately the main thing that matters in a cab is JUST the speakers. Everthing else will make a subjective and tiny difference in the sound. Eminence, Celestion, and/or Jenson are your best bets for speakers... Just go to their websites, they usually have a pretty good properties section to help you figure out what specific speakers should give you the sound you want.
what kind of budget are you on ?
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Budget isnt set, but around 500 bucks would be great

For that you could probably get a used Marshall 1960, or a new Avatar. I don't know what else.