Still having some problems with my hot rod deluxe. It is sounding almost like it is 100% working, but not quite.

i was initially having trouble with sound randomly dropping out, which i remedied with new power tubes (JJ-Telslas). Then it was breaking up way too early and still didnt have the volume that i thought it should have. Thats when i figured it may have been a bad preamp tube so i replaced all three tubes with 2 12AT7's and a 12AX7 in the V1. Im not heartbroken about not being able to use these channels, but i fear it is synonymous with something still be wrong, somewhere, with the amp.

The most obvious problem i have right now is that turning on the OD channel creates a buzz in which no guitar sound comes through at all. The volume of the buzz (hum, tone, whatever you want to call it, its a fairly 'smooth' sound) is linked to the master control. What could possibly be causing this? It seemed to happen only when i put in two 12AT7's in the V2 (which half controls the OD) and the V3. However, it used to work fine when the amp wasnt 100% hot yet, but now the OD channel is completely inop even before it is hot (allowing for time to warmup etc). I have tried switching the two tubes' positions but that has not seemed to have made a difference.

The other one is static. Even with the volume all the way down on the clean channel there is still static. It has done this at mutable outlets. I dont notice it when actually playing with it at volume.

Im currently going through and checking all the resistors against the schematic, which is fun when the written value on the schematic dont match the markings on the resistor (R52)

Thanks for any help that will help me get this fixed on my own.

The most annoying problem right now is that the low notes just dont sound... low. They have a weird over riding distortion and the E string just doesnt seem to be all that much lower than the D... and it seems to lack some 'umph' on the lower notes. They dont sound clear at all. Im also still having some trouble with clean headroom and being able to play clean chords. This is even with the amp set at 5 (out of 12) and the guitar set at 4-6 out of 10. Bias point is around 65. Bias point on tube says 14...
So i've found a resistor that is giving me a reading of 0ohms of resistance. It is R63 on the schematic and should a 10ohm resistor. Does this mean that it is definitely bad and a possible reason for all this grief? It is in line with two resistors, R1 and R2, that are giving me a reading approximately half of what they should be (reading 34.x and should be 68, according the schematic (of which i think i've found one mistake; a resistor had different markings than what then schematic said it should)). It is between the bright switch/input jacks and the sound control pots. On the schematic there is an arrow next to it and it says "to pot brackets".

I also found that all background static, of which i would say is above the 'normal' amount (as there is still noise when the volume is at 0) dissapears when plugged into the preamp in. This would mean that there is definietly a problem in the power amp right? I could also turn on the OD and it wouldnt buzz... but the OD on also made no influence on the sound (nor did any of the adjustmants except for the reverb).

Oh, and bias point was set at 60, i turned it up to 63 to see if i could get a little less 'bad distortion' on the low notes. It made no difference, they still sound fugly.