So, this stompbox just came in today for me. I bought it mainly for the drum machine and different distortion sounds. I have to say, for $59 it was a hell of a purchase. Anyone else have one?

If you don't, I suggest try one. The distortion options alone are worth the price
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I never knew those zoom boxes were any good

Its actually pretty good. I'm not a virtuoso or anything, but the sounds I'm getting out of it are great. Of course, different strokes for different folks.
you'll probably end up not liking it later on down the road, i have the zoom g2.1(very similar) and it sounded good to me at first, but as time went on i disliked it's sound, it sounded very digital and there wasnt much inbetween that i liked it was either cleans, or raspy distortion. but yea for the price it's good
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