For the past few months my bass, (Yamaha RBX 374), has been acting weirdly. The lead falls out whenever I put it in. Whenever I play it through the amp the sound just cuts out and then resumes. Truthfully I have neglected this problem with my bass because I have two so I just used the other one, but I prefer this one overall so I want to do something about it.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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the same ting is happening with my guitar, though i got i new one a couple days ago. when you wiggle the jack a little does the sound come back?
New input jack or fix of same or similar.

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If the lead falls out and the sound cuts out, most likely the problem is the lead not making contact with the appropriate things inside the input jack. A new lead may remedy this problem. They are also pretty cheap so it wont be too much of a hurt on the wallet if that isnt the problem.
Cable might be damaged, although I'd open it up and make sure the wiring isn't ****ed up, and make sure that the jack isn't loose.
this is not a problem with the lead. just open up your jack and look at how it does or doesn't make contact with the plug. all you have to do is bend the little clip inside so it will latch onto the lead.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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