i recently bought a 5 string Musicman Stingray knock off, and i have not put any new strings on it yet. my current strings are lacking a little attitude, for lack of a better word. i want a set of strings that will give me that awesome Stingray tone. more specifically, i am after the tones that Flea, Roger Manganelli (Less Than Jake), and Eric Wilson (Sublime) achieve, and it needs to be available in a 5 string set. i understand there is a bit of variety in those tones and i may be asking for too much, but any help is appreciated.
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Stingrays come with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Bass Strings, it comes in a 5 pack. Get's a great Flea tone. I think you might need some flatwounds for an Eric Wilson style tone though, depending on your rig's versatility.
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i play rotos on a diff bass and i will pick up a 5 string set sometime, although i do not know if they will deliver the chunky musicman tone i am after i am after, its worth a try. plus i can take them off and put 4 of them on my other bass. and thank you stingray5, your name leads me to believe you know what you are talking about. i tried regular slinkies and did not like them, but that was also on my other bass and i still have them kicking around so putting them on can't hurt.