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just gonna make this short and i sweet has anyone here ever dropped the guitar pick at a gig i have never but everytime i do gig i get really scared that i might drop my pick
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Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo

just have one of those handy

lol nice one
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Guitars: Jackson DK2t ,
Amp: peavey valvking royal 8 - 5 watt combo
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Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo

just have one of those handy

I was going to post the same thing. :P

Best 7 dollars I've ever spent.
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Quote by echo_4190
I was going to post the same thing. :P

Best 7 dollars I've ever spent.

+1, That's what I use.
Yes. And it fell right into the middle of the wire clusterfuck that is my pedalboard.

Then I just started putting a handful in my pocket all the time.
hah yea i did this the first time i was performing in front of a crowd to make things worse, i was singing and playing so i couldnt just reach down and grab it

long story short...epic fail lol

carry extras!
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Yes I have, I've got one of those pick holders too so it wasn't too bad. Although before we went on our other guitarist said "I know I'm going to drop my pick". He didn't, I did.
I've lost it before i went on, and asked the crowd for one...
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The only time when I have ever dropped a pick when it was the least bit important was during jazz band practice and I just finger picked anyway.
I just put one in my pocket, or put it under/between the tone knobs. I would like one of those mic pick holder things tho
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If im playing the strat, ill stick a few under the pickguard. With the LP, ill just stick one or two up on the headsock kerry king style.
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I put a big piece of tape across the back of my head (on the guitar, not my head) and have 2 or 3 stuck underneath. I also keep one in my pocket.

I've never actually dropped one. But I have lost one between songs changing the settings on my amp. And one time I almost forget to bring one on stage in the first place.
i almost always do...but i usually keep a couple on my amp, and i learned to play everything with my fingers in case of emergency
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You could always mount one of those pick holder things on the bottom of your headstock if you have an inline tuner head
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I have a strip of tape sticky side out on the top side of my guitar with about 7 picks stuck to it. Sometimes I use poster putty instead. If i drop one then I can grab another mid strum. TBH I drop them more often at practice. I think out of probably 100 shows I have dropped a pick once...and i broke a string at the same time (the only string i've ever broken at a show too)

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you can do the mic stand thing with a piece of duct tape- just tape the very tip of the picks on and they pull right off-- 5 bucks for 500 uses
No, but I drop my pick quite a bit while warming up or practicing.
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i've used the double-sided tape thing, but only after i had dropped a few picks during shows before. now i keep 3 or 4 spares on top of my amp. i've snapped a fender thin before, and actually had one tear halfway through and get stuck on my strings once...that sucked
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I have before

but luckily im a bassist and i just built it onto it and started fingering


all the time, i strum so hard that i rip my fingers open and bleed all over my pick and guitars and the blood makes picks quite slippery lol
i just put a piece of electrical tape on my guitar and put about 4 picks underneath
problem solved ^_^
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I've always had terrible pick issues. Due to the way I play, the string gauge I use, and the pick material I prefer I can completely wear out a pick in two songs sometimes. As such I don't gig without a couple dozen picks laying around. I don't worry too much if I drop one as I can finger pick well enough. It's an issue if I drop it before a solo in a song, but I can usually wing it by playing an octave lower using the thumb and middle finger...if I don't have an opportunity to pick up another before I get there.
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nopee but the crown doesnt notice much if you stop playin for a sec to get a just put it nearby...if you have to crawl for it then ull look like a dumbass haha
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I haven't dropped one at a gig. Part of the reason why I use V-Picks, they're really hard to drop.

But I always keep a backup in the pocket on my strap, and I have plenty in my pocket/wallet/on top of the amp all the time.

Long story short, never be without picks!
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All the time. But if it happens, I act like I'm holding the pick in my hand, which makes my index finger stick out a little bit. I use the top of my nail to strum (I'll never, ever, grow my nail out like some classical players. *shudders*), and either my thumb or index finger to play solos if I don't have time to grab one out me pocket.

Did it last practice, even had to play the Sin City solo without it. No one noticed

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just don't be a pussy. Hold onto the damn thing.

just kidding. I put some spares on top of my amp just incase, but I never use them. I use the dunlop nylons live and it is pretty hard to drop them.
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