im looking into starting to play guitar, ive looked into many brands and models and have decided to turn to you guys for opinions. i was looking at squire strats, the deam vendetta xm( which is on outlet pricing right now 119.00)and a few low end ibanez'

i was wondering if anyone had played the dean?.

or if poeple own squire strats or a good low end ibanez'

remember im brand new to guitar, i know absolutly nothing about the instrument
squier's a good suitar to start with
go for the squire strat, there amazing guitars for the price
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i would say to get the squier starter pack until you get addicted to guitar, then you can spend all of your money for the rest of your life upgrading gear.

it's not that great of a guitar, but no low end guitar is ever gonna be good. It's a good starting place though because you haven't developed an ear for tone yet, so it'll sound fine to you for about a year
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For absolute cheapness, the squire's are as low as you can get for a guitar.
Obviously, their quality is a bit lacking, but if you're looking just to learn on the guitar for a low price it's a good solution.
I played mine for a year before I decided to upgrade.
I've played some low-end ibanez's and for metal and harder music, they were easily better than the strats.
I would recommend a low-end ibanez if you have the cash, or the dean if you're set on the style. Do note that most v-shaped guitars have a tendency to slide around on your leg when you sit and play, which could be an unwanted hassle
The Ibanez GRG170DX is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best and the most versatile guitar in that price range. Only a little more expensive than a Squier (maybe even the same price? I'm not sure) and they absolutely blow the Squiers away. Humbucking pickups, 24 frets, cool looking fret inlays (the patterns between the frets) and a decent choice of colours.
Oh and, don't get the low end Dean, you'd be better off attaching some elastic bands to a log. It'll fall apart when you sneeze. You get the picture.
id be playing mostly metal, the dean got great reviews on Guitar centers website, people said it sounds like a 500 dollar guitar for 120. idk man im prolly gunna go into a guitar center and ask someone who works there and knows about them. thanks for the advice tho guys i really appreciate it
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Oh and, don't get the low end Dean, you'd be better off attaching some elastic bands to a log. It'll fall apart when you sneeze. You get the picture.

how ignorant.
ive had mine for almost a year and its fine.
ive even gigged with it.
its a great guitar the best deal youll get for the price for sure.
id go with the dean if i were you.
but make sure to get an in-store one dont order it becasue those do come messed up sometimes.
mine is great.
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yeah like i said id go to the store for sure, i wouldnt be able to get the natural wood one in store but i could get the blackish grey one
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squier's a good suitar to start with

Squiers the biggest waste of money ever, I bought it as my first guitar just because it was fender, they're horrible starter guitars. Yamaha pacificas are nicer for the price and ease of use.