hi, im in the process of buying my second guitar and am being really picky.

im mostly looking at ESP LTD's because they're mostly metal guitars which is what i play, but i noticed the Epiphone SG prophecy EX which i think is the perfect guitar for me... but i have no idea how the 'SpeedTaper D Profile' neck feels like compared to your bog standard LTD.

The reason im posting this here is because there are no dealers nearby that stock this guitar or even deal Epi's. Also on the dv247 site it shows that this model is discontinued and this is the new model, can anyone else confirm that the first one is unavailable now.

Also any other recomendations for guitars that sort of cover the specs of the prophecy are welcomed. Thanks for reading
Which LTD would you get? It depends, the EC-1000's are amazing for the price, but if you're getting one of the EC-400's or something its a whole different story.

EDIT: Also the LTD EC-1000 is not only a metal guitar, go listen to the song on my profile, I used my EC-1000 doing that, and it's acoustic, and it sounds great
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id probably get a 400/500 model i dont rly have a very high budget - around £400-450
Those are still supposed to be really nice, I played an EC-400 and it played nicely, I just didn't like it because I'm not a les paul fan.
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I was suprised at how smootly the LTD guitars played I figured theyd be a little thicker in the neck area like schecter
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