I am deciding between a marshall 100 watt slx-2100 or a marshall jcm 900 50 watt 2500. They are the same price.

Which one is better for classic rock to megadeth tones? and which one is easier to resell incase I dont like it? Thanks.
I love the JCM900s, but neither of those would be too good for classic rock.
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really? and by classic rock I mean like no softer than Jimi Hendrix and led zeppelin
it may not be ideal for classic rock but the SLX is a sick amp
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Well if you are willing to use an overdrive pedal for metal and buy a cab an orange tiny terror is $545 and there are a few youtube videos of it doing metal well with a boost

You could probably buy it used and get a 1x12 cab

And it's amazing for classic rock/hard rock

But of the 2 jcm's,i liked the 50 watt (havn't tried the 100 watt), and the lower wattage will let you crank it louder for decent classic rock tones, besides, you will never need 100 tube watts
The TT heads? they go for $545.

The Jcm 900 heads? i have no idea.

But i found a sl-x on ebay for $500

all i know is for some reason the price of the jcm 800 are going up (jcm 800's used to go for $500-$800 used on ebay)
I have a Palomino v50 and it can do a very nice classic rock tone, and with an OD it can do metal too, and its only $350 right now at musicians friend
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yea the TT heads seem nice but I like the 900 better.
right now I'm leaning towards the slx because there like an upgrated 900
Yeah but are you ever going to need 100 watts? if you want a good classic rock tone you gotta crank the amp and cranking a 100 wat amp in near impossible, and attenuators for 100 watt amps are much more expensive then attenuators for 50 watt amps (almost $100 difference)
I have a 4101.... its very nice for classic rock
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You might like the 900 better, but it won't do the sounds you want better than the TT. Period. Look at a used Traynor YCV50 or a Laney AOR. The Laney is basically a hotrodded JCM800 and the Traynor sounds very similar to a JCM800.
yea thats true. so it seems like they both have their ups and downs.
what would be better for a randy rhoads-mr.crowley tone? cause thats pretty much what im looking for.
Oh, in that case you need to look at the Laney AOR or a Traynor YCV50 like also suggested with a MXR Distortion + in frot of the amp

It will be the closest in your budgt to getting a hot rodded plexi tone like rhoads had
i not really sure because when i used it, i couldn't crank it and only tried to play metal on it, but it's kinda modern sounding. I think your best bet would be to save up for a plexi or jcm 800 style amp if you are dead set on that tone.

But the jcm 900 is great if you want a good newer metal tone

But if anyone has any more experience that says the contrary, by all means say it, i didn't really get enought time to really see what the the jcm 900 coild do
Of those two I take the 2500 which is a Marshall Mk.III, it's basically a JCM800 with a lot more gain, the other 900s were voiced slightly differently from previous Marshalls, brighter, kind of tin-ny sounding.